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26 December 2006 @ 03:48 pm

but that's not all that is going wrong..
there is so much more.
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18 August 2006 @ 04:13 pm
Now that summer school is over, I finally have some time to relax... NOT!

Student Council, LDP Meetings, TEAM 10 (just finished), trying to organize an LDP outting, and ugly Family Problems! I don't think I'm going to have a very relaxing summer!

I need a summer job! I'm really trying to get one. Back to school is creeping up on us and I need many greens to get everything I need and to pay off school fees! Dang!

Our TEAM 10 Performaces went pretty good! LOL! Some funny times! Like our Model SHOWDOWN and Neelam.. Oh God, Neelam! LOLS! Poor Jen! Slightly broke her collar bone and was unable to present! She worked so hard with us all summer and never got to show it!
I really want to attend to the International AIDS Conference next year! I'm gonna apply for a scholarship to go and maybe I'll get it! It's in Sydney Australia! It should be fun and a great experience!
Focusing on HIV/AIDS this summer, really opened my eyes to a whole new world! People are dying left and right becuase of this and it's not a good thing. I wish I had a magic power that could stop the suffering of peopel with HIV/AIDS. BAM! I just got an idea for an eco-journal!

BIG BROTHER! I seriously think Janelle is gone this week. A double eviction week, sigh. And if I remember correctly, you don't get to play two vetos on a double eviction week, NUTS!

Sorry, If I'm jumping from place to place.

Socials! I need to start doing some eco-journals! I finally started a book this summer. TOXIN by Robin Cook! So far I'm on chapter 3 and it's pretty good. My goal is to get it done in 3 weeks! I want to have 4 books done a term so a total of 12 books by the end of the school year. I can do it!? Of course I can!

The LDP outting is very complicated. I just hope it all comes together in the end! Would people want organized activites or just hangging out. I think we should do like beach football or something. That'll be cool. A destination is still to be decided: Kits or English Bay?
Mr. J said that Mr. C said we might be having another Camp! That'll be so cool! 3 Camps for out Grade 11 Year! YAHOO! It's gonna rock! Last year, our grade 10 camp was extremely fun! I pushed my self to places I never knew existed! I was very proud of myself! And now with my condition under control and stuff, it'll be even better! As Fred Flinstone would say: YA BA DA BA DOO

Annee Ngo is a good person, so when she wanted some favours done I said ofcourse! But it's very frustrating. Trying to call people and having no answers! and then the meeting date was changed so I need to call everyone back again! Argh. Student Council is gonna be fun, but not easy. Everything comes with it's price.

Robert Hill, an increible man that is fighting Crohn's and Colitis in his own way (www.nogutsknowglory.com). He is an extreme sports man that is climbing mountains, racing bikes and fundraising for a cure! Anyways, my doctor's hooked him up with me and I get to work along side Rob and help kids closer to my age coping with Ostomies and such. My doctor's have said that I am the most positive child they have ever met that has gone through what I have! They want me to come to the hospital and spend time with some of the kids who are going through what I went though! Yes! Horray!

Oh and yeah, an LDP meeting at Annee Ngo's house about our teaching stuff next year! Goodness!

I could go on, but I don't wanna type anymore.
I"m outties!

27 July 2006 @ 09:47 pm

Between the loads of homework I get everynight + the tests and quizzes to study for + Team 10... I hardly have time to just chill and do nothing...

Sometimes in the morning, I wanna just sleep in but I know I can't.
And becuase I was absent for 3 days to go to camp, a single late will result in me being terminated from class...

On a brighter note, Team 10 isn't that badd. All the outtings are really making it fun! If it wasn't for Team 10, I'd be really fat right now!
Yesterday we went to playland it was soo funn! I was screaming like a little girl in the haunted house with Holly! I've gotta say, Holly was the MAN in that relationship! HAHAHA!

Our focus this year is on HIV/AIDS. I'm piecing together a little sometime with Neelam. I'm playing a homosexual teen that was born with HIV. And I'm telling his story of how he battles each day living with HIV and the bullying! I want everyone reading this to come out and see it! I'll let you know when!

On Another note, I love the houseguests in BB7!

And here is that long awaited photo entry that I've been promising!

One of the counsellors writing in my chemistry text book! Yes that's right, I brought my chem hw to camp! I didn't really get anything done though

Me being a ballerina with Atara! She lives in Richmond! Yay! I know someone close to me with the same thing I have!

Me being ganster with Tyler and Ian's in the background! LOL! Tyler always spoke gangster with me, I think he thinks I'm from the hood! But I kinda am.... I'm from the East Side!

Group Picture! And me bring my crazy self!

Team 4 (The older kids) painting a park bench in recognition of US =)
Kailin is painting my face afterI sploched paint on her face

A group shot after "Touch Circle"! An amazing activity! It's too much to type so ask me about, you'll be surprised at what you hear!

Camp Hotties for Life! Val is like the man version of me, but dirtier! LOL!

L-R: Ian, Justin, Me, Kayla! We were just like, hey let's take a picture!

Me putting on my winky cheerleader face in a group shot! I love thses guys!

Awards Ceremony! I got the award for being the "Sour Gobstopper" of the group for my "sweet and innocent outside and my hot and saucy inside"!

Can you see me? It's a bit dark!

Ready? OK! Formation Alpha! LOL!
Us after MAGIC Circle! This was a really cool experience! I cried my eyes out! Ask me what this was!

Camp Hotties for LIFE!

L-R: Elise, Jess, Val and ME! I'm a FOB! LOL! get it, the hello kitty.. LOL! Oh yeah!

This was the best camp ever! Although I don't know if it was better than LDP 10 Galiano, but it sure came clse! I really wanna go back next year!

Current Mood: crankycranky
22 June 2006 @ 07:32 pm

Exams, Exams, Exams. BLAH!
Family issues aren't really getting better either and I keep ggetting loaded with Canada Day Stuff. Darn! Argh! FOOOOGGGGHORN!

So, what's cookin', goodlookin'?

Current Mood: blankblank
05 March 2006 @ 01:09 pm
I think I'm gonna apply for job at Subway. You work alone. It's usually quiet, except for the busy times. And there's not a manager that is constantly there looking over you!

I'll keep you posted as to what is going on with this!
05 March 2006 @ 01:05 pm
OMG! I went to a workshop yesterday and I found out that there was a type of Sex I've never heard before!

Mouth to Anus! OMG EWWWW!

If you think about it, you are literally sucking ass and eating shit!

How can someone stick there mouth over another person's bum! EWWW!

What has man thought of... the corrupt mind.
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28 February 2006 @ 09:52 pm
It's so creepy how my life and Christie's lives are so connected. We are so similar with a few exceptions... Our stories are so related it's CRAZY!

I thought I was the only one with that problem... but I'm not and all I can say is WOW!

But what hurts us makes us stronger in the end and Christie and I are living breathing examples of that!
I mean look at her, she's one of the smartest girl's in school and she's MY friend!
and me.. well.. I'm ME!

Don't worry, Be happy!
Current Mood: surprisedsurprised
Current Music: He Took Her to A Movie - Ladytron
03 December 2005 @ 04:08 pm
My mom came home at about 9 last night, from who knows where!
And we had a convo without having a convo.

She said: "Where's Daniel?"
I said: "Sleeping"
She said: "Where's your dad?"
I said: "Sleeping"
She said: "How come"
I said: "I don't know"

Later on my aunt called.
She wanted to speak to me
So I walk over to the phone, my mother hands it to me
And gives the dirtiest(sp.) look ever!
Like, here eyes were fully extended. and there was so much anger and hatred in them
My aunt made me feel like crying.
I felt as if she was my mom for that minute
She made me feel like a person in a family again.

I went to sleep.
My alarm clock went off
I had to go to cadets that AM.
I didn't want to get up.
So I kept hitting snoze, until I just didn't feel like going.
Then I turned it off.
Since my alarm clock is really loud, you can hear it in the next room.
So later on, my mom and brother come into my room
And start talking total trash about me.
I think they came to see the yard from my room window, since it over looks a lot of the neighbourhood
Anyways, they starting saying things like,
How I woke my mom up with the alarm clock, and how once she was I awake I got to sleep. Like what the fuck!
They said things like how I was "too good for everyone else"
And how my attitude had changed.

I didn't want to say anything, because I was silenty crying.
And if I did, everything would end up in a larger fight.
And my mom would say things like "Why are you crying? You're a boy, Boys don't cry"

I just wish they could see things from my point of view.
It's like I have to stay in the character of "Little, good boy" forever.
It's like, I can't say whats on my mind in my own home.
My mom doesn't want me to grow up.
How much older do I have to be to make my own decisions.
When can Kevin be Kevin?

I think Vivien hit what is exactly on my mother's mind.
I'm not going to stop until my mother can except that I am growing up and I need some more freedom and independance!

My brother comes into the study room and he's like
..blah,blah,blah "You lost your giftcard huh?"
I'm like "No, it's right here."
I check where it's supposed to be and it's gone!
I say "Where did you put, I know you took it from me! Now give it back"
And he's like "I don't have it, you lost"

How would he know I lost it, IF I did lose it?
I'm going to get him back.
I take his mp3. and I'll hit him with what he told me!
And on top of that! He got an mp3, after he gave mine away!
WTF is that!
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
27 November 2005 @ 03:54 pm
Biggest Spaz with my mother ever!

Finshed work.
Bitched at my mother and brother in the car.
Slept at home.
Woke up Hungry.
Took a look at what was cooked, not very appetizing *Liver*.
Asked my mother if I could order in.
At first she said no.
Then as I was walking away, she said yes.
So I order the food and ask for delivery.
And then I am told that they don't deliver.
I was disapointed so I said to cancel the order.
My mother came down and asked if the food was ready.
I said no. I cancelled it becuase they don't deliver.
My mom's like, well I was going to pick it up. I didn't change into my PJ's for the reason.
I was like leave it, I don't want it.
She's like Why not?
I said, becuase I don't want it.
She's like but Why?
I said.
The she's like.
You better fix up your attitude.
I say.
What about Daniel. Everytime his attitude needs an adjustmen, you do nothing!
I tell you to talk to him, but you never do!
She says
I scream.
Then she says.
I work my ass of for you guys. I'm killing myself for nothing!
I go.
She goes.
and says some other stuff.
Then I hear the door upstairs slam shut.
She comes down after awhile.
Makes some tea.
Then slams the door shut again.

I hate this!
I hate Mood Swings.
I went from anger, to content, to anger to slefish to who knows what!

My mom was supposed to be home by 2. It's 4 now.
We havent talked for about 18 hours.
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23 November 2005 @ 06:10 pm
The Beat of Heart.
It tears me apart.
The bullying here
The bullying there.
I don't understand.
Who would do that?
I feel so ashamed.
To the beat of my heart